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CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIES OF WILD FAUNA AND FLORA this website is a collection of links that lead to species specific conservation projects.

PROAVES this website deals with conservation projects primarily located in and around Columbia.

LORO PARQUE FOUNDATION based in Spain the Loro Parque Foundation sponsors conservation projects worldwide with a primary focus on parrots.

WORLD PARROT TRUST the world parrot trust is one of the leading forces in parrot conservation in the world.

NATIONAL AVIARY IN PITTSBURG, PA the national aviary is not only a zoo for parrots, it uses its resources for parrot research and conservation projects. There are a lot of articles available through their education department.

FOSTER PARROTS, LTD. AND THE NEW ENGLAND EXOTIC WILDLIFE SANCTUARY this is the home of one of the largest parrot rescue facilities in New England. In addition, information can be found on Project Guyana, a conservation project that is helping to limit the illegal bird trade.

AMERICAN BIRD CONSERVANCY: CONSERVATION BIRDING you can take a virtual trip through Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, and Columbia and witness the habitats of wild parrot species.

AMERICAN BIRD CONSERVANCY a lot of links and information dealing with parrot conservation.

The Bird Endowment - Conservation work specifically dedicated to Blue Throated Macaws.

INDONESIAN PARROT PROJECT: PROJECT PARROT WATCH website dedicated to the conservation efforts in Indonesia.

Macaw Recovery Network website dedicated to the conservation efforts for Macaws.

PARROTS INTERNATIONAL this website focuses on parrots from Central America, South America and the Caribbean. There are a lot of articles and movies to view here.

PROFAUNA INDONESIA this website focuses on animal conservation in Indonesia. In addition, it has information regarding the illegal parrot trade.

RARE SPECIES CONSERVATORY FOUNDATION this website is dedicated to conservation projects in Africa, Mexico and the Caribbean.

WILD PARROTS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA this website focuses on the parrot flocks that have appeared in Southern California due to the pet trade.