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CPS Affiliate Organizations

American Federation of Aviculture

The American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) is a nonprofit national organization established in 1974, whose purpose is to represent all aspects of aviculture and to educate the public about keeping and breeding birds in captivity.

CPS Non-Affiliate Organizations

North American Cockatiel Society

National Cockatiel Society A website dedicated to the education of the pet cockatiel owner and breeder.

World Parrot Trust

World Parrot Trust: Nearly one-third of all parrot species are threatened in the wild. And millions of pet parrots share our lives and homes. As a leader in parrot conservation and welfare, the World Parrot Trust works with parrot enthusiasts, researchers, local communities and government leaders to encourage effective solutions that protect parrots.

The Avicultural Society of America

The Avicultural Society of America: The objectives of the Society are the study of foreign and native birds; the dissemination among the members and public of information for the care, breeding and feeding of birds in captivity; the perpetuation of species that are threatened with extinction; and the publication of matters pertaining to aviculture.

Long Island Parrot Society

The Long Island Parrot Society of New York, Inc. D/B/A The Long Island Parrot Society exists as a non-profit, 501c3 organization dedicated to improving the lives of psittaciformes through education, research, advocacy and service, to help prevent endangerment or extinction, and to create a shelter and adoption center for displaced parrots and other pet birds.

Pet Life Radio

Pet Life Radio is the ultimate audio pet lovers forum. Enjoy great pet podcasts, podcasts for pet lovers, and pet podcasts from the experts about everything for your dogs, cats, birds, fish or exotic pets! Every pet podcast features great information about pet care, pet health, and interviews with the top pet professionals!

Good Bird Inc.

Good Bird, Inc. was founded to address the growing interest in positive reinforcement training with parrots.

Wings at Liberty

The goal of the Wings At Liberty website is to provide helpful resources to people interested in flight training birds. The focus of this site is on parrots but much of what is here will apply to other species as well.

Bird Endowment

Bird Endowment: is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of the critically endangered Blue-throated Macaw.

The Connecticut Association for Aviculture

The Parrot Club is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1976 by a group of people interested in spreading the fun and enjoyment of exotic birds!

Wild parrots of Southern California: This website focuses on the parrot flocks that have appeared in Southern California due to the pet trade.

FlockCall.com: is a constantly expanding library collection of first hand accounts and experiences written by parrot advocates.

Area Veterinarians Who Practice Avian Medicine

Dr. Ann M. Bourke, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian
Northeast Bird Clinic
Ashford, CT 06278

Dr. Kristin Sinclair, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian
Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital
Kensington, CT 06037

South Wilton Veterinary Group
Wilton, CT 06897

Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital
Kensington, CT 06037

Dr. Laurie Hess, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian
Veterinary Center for Birds and Exotics
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Dr. Julia Shakeri, DVM, DABVP-Avian
Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine
North Haven, CT 06473


Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic
Great Neck, NY 11021