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Adoption Policies, Procedures, and Applications

The Connecticut Parrot Society (CPS) helps residents of Connecticut with the placement of companion birds. If you need to place your bird, we request that your bird remain with you while we list the bird for adoption on this Web site and in our newsletter.

If you need to relinquish your bird, or wish to adopt a bird, please review our Adoption Policies and Procedures, and contact the CPS adoption chairperson by phone to discuss the process.

We are not a parrot rescue or sanctuary; therefore, we cannot accept emergency placement on a regular basis. Our foster care housing is limited, and if we do not have available foster homes, we may need to refer emergency placement to other clubs or rescues in the surrounding area. We are in great need of foster homes for some of the birds we are receiving into the adoption program. If you are a CPS member and can help provide foster care, please review the Foster Care Policies and Procedures, and contact the adoption chairperson to discuss the process.

Foster Care Application

CPS’ Adoption Application requires a non-refundable application fee of $35.00 for CPS members and $50.00 for non-members to CPS. Approved adoption applications will remain on file with CPS for up to six months, or until a bird is adopted, whichever comes first. There is a non-refundable $20.00 processing fee to relinquish a bird.

Relinquishment Form

Please note: Non-members may adopt only after a bird has been in the program for 30 days. You must be at least 21 years old to be eligible to adopt through CPS.

Questions about the CPS adoption program or any form listed above should be directed to the following:

  • Sharon Presner CPS adoption chairperson at 203-640-8641
Thank you for your interest!

Birds Available for Adoption



Bopper is a delightful male Hispaniolan Amazon and is 26 years old!  He chatted when meeting his new visitor.  Bopper likes to talk and to have his head scratched. He is seen regularly by his veterinarian and requires his beak to be trimmed every six months.


Belle is an impressive 15-year-old Yellow-headed Amazon!  His plumage is so vivid, that the photo could not do it justice.  Belle showed his playful side during the home visit, but he can be mellow, too!


Crosby is a very handsome male Blue-fronted Amazon!  He is a charmer and demonstrated a calm demeanor during the home visit.  Crosby is about 35 years old.


Katie is a lovely 15-year-old female Cape Parrot! She has a gentle disposition and stepped up readily to sit with her visitor during the home visit. Katie has arthritis, but it doesn't stop her from playing or from maneuvering around the cage, with appropriately placed perches and platforms.


Peanut is a delightful little Green-cheeked Conure! His age and gender are unknown. Peanut is playful and enjoys snuggling! He also enjoys bathing in his water dish; his feathers are in great condition. Peanut can be territorial regarding his cage, but once away from it, he is very interactive. Peanut is on a diet of parrot seed mix, but is in the process of being converted to a pelleted diet, along with fruits and vegetables.


Rainbow is a sexed male Blue and Gold Macaw.  He is between 8-12 years old and is very beautiful. His present owner will be traveling and is unable to keep him.Rainbow is very animated and curious. He loves to be bathed and is a very good eater. His diet consists of pellets, fruits, vegetables, and some nuts. Rainbow strongly prefers men.During the home visit, he was able to be handled right away by his male visitor. Presently, Rainbow is in foster care with the persons who did the home visit. The male foster person is able to cuddle Rainbow, scritch his head and have fun time with him. Rainbow has been vet-checked, and all tests are good. It would be best if Rainbow were adopted by a man who has large-bird experience. His new family will need to provide him with a large, Macaw-sized cage and lots to do. We feel he will be a great companion in the right home.


Sparky He is a 28-year-old African Grey .  with a playful personality. Sparky is on a pelleted diet, and he enjoys eating a variety of foods. He has a history of intermittent feather picking.